Kinkou(Suzhou) Copper Industry Co., Ltd. 

As a high-tech enterprise at national level,Kinkou(Suzhou)Copper Industry Co.,Ltd. was founded in May 2004 and located in Taicang,Suzhou, a place neighboring Shanghai.The company manufactures high-performance,high alloy materials that are featured with high temperature,high conductivity,super strength,wear resistance,anti-fatigue and corrosion resistance.These materials are widely used in aerospace,communication,welding,petrochemical,medical and other fields.

R&D Team

* Industry-university-research cooperation base of Suzhou Kinkou Copper-Central South University.
* Suzhou Technical Research Center for New High-Performance Alloy Material Engineering.
* Jiangsu Post-doctoral Innovation Base.

Our Established Standard

* National standard:Al2O3 dispersion strengthened copper sheet(GB/T ****-2016)Issued.
* Industry standard:Al2O3 dispersion strengthened copper rod and wire YS/T998-2014.
* Industry standard:Beryllium copper used for photomultiplier tubes.

Our Intellectual Property Right

* A Method of Making Alloy Wire Rods (Patent No.:ZL 201010518772.6).
* A Kind of Equipment and Its Method for Making Copper Alloy Belt via Spray Deposit (Patent No.:ZL 201210411177.1).
* A Method of Preparing Dispersion Strengthened Copper with Aluminum Oxide(Patent No.:ZL 201310151407.X).

Factory Tour