Beryllium copper mold is a metal mold for making dolls and toys.

The main features of beryllium copper mold:
1. Precise copying such as animal fur, leather markings, wood grain, figure animal plants, etc., completely faithful to the original and can repair and compensate the original defects to the greatest extent according to customer requirements and needs. Especially suitable for irregular molds;
2. Something that cannot be processed by a engraving machine, such as reverse buckle positiont; the hardness of 30-40HRc after heat treatment and has high strength and wear resistance;
3. The excellent heat dissipation of beryllium copper reduces the injection cycle by 30% compared with general molds;
4. Rapid mold making, shorten the time to market of toy products and improve competitiveness.

Long service life of beryllium copper molds: It is very important for manufacturers to estimate the cost of molds, the continuity of production and the expected service life of molds.When the strength and hardness of beryllium copper meet the requirements, the insensitivity of beryllium copper to the temperature stress of the mold can greatly improve the service life of the mold. Before determining the use of beryllium copper molds, the yield strength, elastic modulus, thermal conductivity, and temperature expansion coefficient of beryllium copper must also be considered. Beryllium copper is much more resistant to thermal stress than die steel.

Post time: May-29-2020