• KINKOU-96 copper alloy(Cu-9Ni-6Sn  C72700)

    KINKOU-96 copper alloy(Cu-9Ni-6Sn C72700)

    KINKOU-96® alloy (C72700; Cu-9Ni-6Sn)is a new-generation copper alloy material, which has the following characteristics: high strength, good elasticity, and good plastic formability of cold pressing, forging, broaching, It can be welded without softening(tempered strengthening), high conductivity, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth wear resistance. The design of KINKOU-96® alloy not only considers the above factors, but also fully considers environmental protection. The product does not contain beryllium, cadmium, and titanium. KINKOU-96® alloy is suitable for a new generation of metal parts.