Beryllium copper is a copper alloy whose main alloying element is beryllium, also known as beryllium bronze.

Beryllium copper is the best advanced elastic material in copper alloys, with high strength, elasticity, hardness, fatigue strength, small elastic hysteresis, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, high conductivity, non-magnetic, and no sparks when impact A series of excellent physical, chemical and mechanical functions.

Beryllium copper alloy is an alloy with good mechanical, physical and chemical comprehensive functions. After quenching and tempering, beryllium copper has high strength, elasticity, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and heat resistance. At the same time, beryllium bronze also has high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, cold resistance and non-magnetic. The beryllium copper material has no sparks when hit, and is easy to weld and braze. In addition, beryllium copper has excellent corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, fresh water and sea water.It also has good fluidity and the ability to reproduce fine patterns. Because of the many superior functions of beryllium copper alloy, it has been widely used in manufacturing.

Beryllium bronze strip can be used to manufacture electronic connector contacts, various switch contacts, and important key parts such as diaphragms, diaphragms, bellows, spring washers, micromotor brushes and commutators, and electrical plug Fittings, switches, contacts, wall clock parts, audio components, etc.

Post time: May-29-2020